Yincrow X6

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Yincrow X6


Upgrade your music listening experience with the Yincrow X6! This entry-level best earbud is anything but entry-level when it comes to sound. Featuring a 15.5mm diameter driver, you’ll get a bass-boosted neutral sound with tight and precise bass without the boomy effect you’ll find in other low-quality earbuds. Plus, the German cavity housing eliminates any echo sound. It has a 45-degree angled 3.5mm male jack. Yincrow X6 comes in two colours namely, black and blue. It comes in two variants i.e., Without Mic and With Mic. Don’t worry, the Yincrow X6 with the mic variant sounds as good as it does without the mic variant. There is no discernible difference between the two variants. So, why wait? Get the Yincrow X6 and enjoy the best earbuds in India today!

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Black, Blue


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Yincrow X6

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