Tangzu Shimin Li

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Tangzu Shimin Li


The SHIMIN LI is much cheaper, and approachable for everyone who has just entered the world of audiophiles, based on Yuan Li’s expertise.

The SHIMIN LI employs an N52 magnet and a dual cavity design dynamic driver to deliver a full clean and dynamic sound.

SHIMIN LI has gone through a detailed calculation on the shell measurements to ensure that they match the sweet spot of fitting for most people, based on an enormous data set of Harman’s ears and our experience in the OEM division. It’s designed in a way that fits most ears, putting no strain on them, and the shape also reduces outside noise. You can enjoy extended listening sessions without being disturbed or fatigued thanks to the compact and comfy design.

The SHIMIN LI uses a 0.78mm 2-pin socket as a medium for the reconfigurable interface. The 2-pin socket is long-lasting, dependable, and can withstand up to 50000 unplugging cycles, allowing users to use their preferred connections whenever and wherever they want.

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Tangzu Shimin Li

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