Roland SA-300 350-Watt Stereo PA System

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Roland SA-300 350-Watt Stereo PA System


Roland SA-300 350-Watt Stereo PA System

Hey, singers and gigging musicians – the versatile Roland SA-300 Stage Amplifier portable PA system is built to handle any type of audio source you plug into it: microphones, rhythm machines, keyboards, CD players, you name it! It offers full-range, high-quality stereo 2.1-channel sound, sturdy construction, built-in effects, advanced anti-feedback control, 2-piece transportability, loads of I/O options, and more. The Roland SA-300 is a traveling musician’s dream!

Lightweight, portable all-in-one PA with 4-channel mixerLightweight yet feature-packed, the Roland SA-300 is powered by an internal 350W amplifier, which drives a stereo pair of high-performance 6.5-inch speakers; a 200W amp drives the 12-inch woofer unit for booming bottom-end support. A 4-channel mixer is built in, with each channel equipped with a stereo and mic input (channels 3 and 4 are phantom powered). Vocalists can sing with confidence thanks to the SA-300’s anti-feedback function and dedicated vocal effects. Also included is a low-boost switch for extra beef, plus stereo reverb for a rich, ambient sound.

2-piece design is easy to carryFor the utmost in traveling convenience, the Roland SA-300 can be detached into two easy-to-carry components (each with handles), rather than one cumbersome, heavy box. At less than 42 lbs., the SA-300 is the lightest portable PA in its class. As an option, the top unit can be used independent of the bass unit; it self-adjusts to function as a standalone stereo speaker unit. The top unit can even be mounted on a speaker stand for perfect placement.

Versatile controls and built-in anti-feedback functionEach of the Roland SA-300’s four channels is equipped with an independently adjustable reverb effect. For channels 1 and 2, you can switch to a delay effect, and also add a Voice Enhancer to give your vocals more definition and clarity. Adjust and enhance the overall sound with the 3-band EQ knobs, use the Low Boost feature to inject some serious bottom-end power into your sound, and flip the Wide switch for a big stereo sound. Unlike conventional PA systems, SA-300 can be placed behind the player or singer, thanks to the onboard anti-feedback function. The SA-300 avoids feedback before it occurs, so singers can roam the stage with confidence, and with 350 watts of powerful sound behind at their back. This feedback feature can be activated from the unit, or from an optional footswitch (BOSS FS-5U) for hands-free operation.

Lots of I/O optionsNo matter what instrument, microphone, or musical device you wish to use, the Roland SA-300 can accommodate it. Each of its four channels accepts microphones via XLR inputs, with channels 3 and 4 offering phantom power. In addition, 1/4″ phone input jacks (L, R) are provided for each channel, and channels 3 and 4 include RCA input (L, R) jacks. If you wish to use additional sound reinforcement gear, the SA-300 offers 1/4″ phone outputs and XLR connectors with dedicated ground switches for reducing hum noise. The Stereo Link jack lets you cascade two SA-300s, giving you a total of eight simultaneous channels plus the ability to position the two units on opposing sides of the stage.


  • 2.1-channel system optimized for V-Drums
  • 200 watts (100W + 50W x 2) power, Class-D amplification
  • Carefully tuned for V-Drums via embedded DSP technology
  • Subwoofer and full range modes for application-specific monitoring performance
  • Stereo 3-channel mixer, with versatile input/output options

Made in China

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Roland SA-300 350-Watt Stereo PA System

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