Mod Podge Spray On Glue and Sealer – Matte 8oz

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Mod Podge Spray On Glue and Sealer – Matte 8oz


Mod Podge Ultra is a super-strong, spray formula that works as an all-in-one glue and sealer with a high adhesion level.

Mod Podge Ultra is a part of the Mod Podge family of brands but is different compared to any other Mod Podge formula. Though this is a thinner formula, it has the same strong durability as Mod Podge. This versatile water-based, non-toxic decoupage formula naturally self-levels, and leaves no brush marks. Use this spray decoupage glue to apply decorative and 3D elements to your projects. You can spray, pour, or brush on this unique formula of Mod Podge.

Before using Mod Podge Ultra shake the bottle well. Prime the nozzle with a few pumps and spray away from your project to test the spray strength, as the nozzle may sputter. To prevent excess application and prevent drips, apply thin coats rather than one thick coat to your project. For best results elevate your project off of your work surface so Ultra can flow over the edge. While your surface is wet with Mod Podge Ultra, feel free to add any design elements. Allow your project to dry for 4 to 24 hours. Immediately clean the Mod Podge Ultra spray nozzle after each use so that it remains open and clog-free for future use.

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Mod Podge Spray On Glue and Sealer - Matte 8oz

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