MADD GEAR Kid’s Zycom Zipper ( 3 Way Adjustable Bar) – Teal/Lime

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MADD GEAR Kid’s Zycom Zipper ( 3 Way Adjustable Bar) – Teal/Lime


The Zycom Zinger Light-Up Scooter is the ideal Fun scooter for your child. With a three-stage height¬†adjustable handlebar, two-tone light-up Flip-it wheels and super-fun pivot steering system – The Zycom Zinger is amazing fun, super safe and great at developing your child’s balance! The Zycom Zinger 3 wheel scooter features a 1 step easy assembly and will be ready to ride in under a minute. Designed in the USA & Global International Best Selling Scooter.
  • Front wheels light up
  • Fun and unique pivot steering system
  • Removable handlebar for compact storage and transport
  • 3-height adjustable handlebar
  • Wide and low-profile deck makes riding easy for little legs
  • Soft hand grips for a secure hold from small hands and easy to use quick stop brake
  • 1-step assembly: your little one will be zooming around in no time
  • Recommended for ages 3+ with a rider weight up to 20 kgs
  • Recommended for riders 2′ 6″ to 4′ 3″
  • Backed by the world’s best 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Infused with 10 generations of Madd Gear technology and product testing by the world’s best pro¬†scooter riders

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MADD GEAR Kid's Zycom Zipper ( 3 Way Adjustable Bar) - Teal/Lime

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