K’s Earphones LBBS (2021)

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K’s Earphones LBBS (2021)


The BELL-LBBS little black bell S flat-rich earbuds from K’s Earphones is an entry-level device in the “Ling” series.

According to the definition of BELL, the form of earbuds is what it refers to: the superior acoustic design and ergonomic wearing design have taken flat-head earbuds to a whole new level in terms of look and comfort.

It does not confine this flat head-worn around the ear and to indoor listening thanks to the innovative usage of wireless tubes.

Bell flat-head earplugs are a line of flat-head earbuds made for Asians. They took a large sample of Asian race ear mould data.

The overall size of the earbuds is smaller and more delicate than traditional German flat-head earbuds.

Even the great majority of Asian business women may enjoy the comfort of wearing the “Ling” series and explore ears that have been worn for a long time.

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K's Earphones LBBS (2021)

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