HUUB OWC Wetsuit Men’s

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HUUB OWC Wetsuit Men’s

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HUUB Design OWC Wetsuit – black/blue

The HUUB OWC Open Water Swimming Wetsuit is designed to offer fantastic flexibility while having the buoyancy needed to provide a comfortable swim position.

Features of the HUUB Design OWC Wetsuit

  • 3:3 buoyancy combination – for balanced buoyancy

  • Scientifically researched neoprene thickness combination

  • 1.5mm thickness under the arms – for maximum flexibility

  • Glide Skin neoprene panels – for reduced surface drag

  • Specific panel placement – for flexibility and efficiency

  • Quick cut ankles and smooth skin cuffs – for easy exit

  • Flatlock construction

Material 90% polyamide, 10% polyester

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HUUB OWC Wetsuit Men's

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