Derwent Inktense BLOCKS tin 12

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Derwent Inktense BLOCKS tin 12

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These chunky water-soluble ink blocks bring a new sense of freedom and colour to your drawing and painting! Derwent Inktense Blocks open up a world of vibrant tones, pure ink-like colour and permanent marks. Dry Derwent Inktense delivers pure vibrant colour but when completely washed out it is transformed into a translucent ink-like paint which, when dry, can be worked over.

They are perfect for large expressive pieces, splashes and loose marks, yet they also make the ideal companion for watercolour artists who like to work directly with a brush on all sizes of artwork. You can use them like pans of paint, apply colour directly to wet or dry paper and use them on their side to cover large areas quickly. Become dazzled by the vibrancy of the colours, seduced by the smooth translucent pigment, and motivated by their sheer versatility.

They can also be used on fabric to create stunning silk paintings and quilts.

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Derwent Inktense BLOCKS tin 12

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