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Apeks VX1 Dive Mask is a lightweight, frameless design, with maximum optical clarity This is how a mask from APEKS is built to perform.

The frameless construction of the VX1 provides low inner volume, exceptional comfort and lightweight.

This is the first frameless mask that finally addresses the technical diver’s frustration of “fit fatigue”.

Designed with surgical grade premium silicone with an advanced skirt geometry that is designed to minimize facial pressure points during long duration dives.

Quick Release Buckles that incorporate a stainless-steel roller allow for easy adjustment for the best fit, even while wearing dry gloves.

Supplied with additional comfortable neoprint mask strap for a secure fit.

Premium zipped EVA reusable protective case.


Say Goodbye to Foggy Masks!

Did you know that without proper treatment, a new mask will be foggy?! During the manufacturing process, a thin layer of silicone accumulates on the mask lens, which cannot be eliminated by generic mask cleaners.

The solution? Sea Buff to the rescue! Sea Buff is an abrasive but gentle mask cleaner, containing tiny crystals which safely and effectively remove the layer, resulting in a perfectly clear and undamaged mask. Simply put a blob on the inside of each lens and then use your finger to rub in a circular motion repeatedly – you will feel the crystals under your fingers which will be carefully rubbing away the fog-prone layer. Do this for a good 10 minutes before using a new mask, and then again if you continue to experience any foggy patches.

Once the mask is treated, you can use an antifog liquid, such as McNett Sea Drops or Cressi Antifog Spray before each dive or snorkel to ensure a clear mask throughout.

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Black, Arctic White, Dark Grey


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